I’m so sick of hearing how crippled people are from broken hearts. So he was the one that got away, so she stopped loving you, so they didn’t feel the same way you did, so you were a little too late… So what? You are made up of stardust, no less than the universe itself. You are made of the same fibers as the sun and the moon and the constellation of your star sign. You share DNA with the creatures at the bottom of the ocean, and those crashing up on the sand. You are dangerous and beautiful like the sea, you are majestic and luminescent like the moon. You have galaxies growing inside of you that cannot wait to burst you open with magic and ambition and opportunity. Do not let another human being’s hands get so tangled in your stardust particles that you feel like a hole has been ripped in your threads. You are just as whole now as you were before, and even more so. Realign your stars and become your own stargazer. No know appreciates your worth the way you can, if you set your mind to it.